Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The temperature here in Illinois hit a balmy 39 degrees today and the sun was shining all day, so no complaints here!  Any 'warm' spell we get in January that helps melt the 12-plus inches of snow on the ground .....well, I'm all for it!  All this sunshine and snow melting makes me feel like spring is closer than it really is.  On that note, I feel the need to reminisce and post some of my favorite flower pics that put me in the gardening mood!

and then there's Mollie...my beloved 'garden helper'.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Judy,
This post made me smile inside. You grew some pretty flowers last summer.

Welcome to blogging! I spend too much time doing it, and still can't keep up well.

judy said...

Hi Sue!
Thanks for your comments! I am enjoying blogging, but am finding out that it DOES take up alot of time!
I also have two grown children and one granddaughter (with 2 more on the way!) I absolutely LOVE being a grandma! I'm looking forward to having my 2 yr old granddaughter diggin' in the dirt along side me this spring!

Beth said...

You have alot of the same flowers I do. Makes sense, we're probably in the same zone in our midwestern gardens. Now I can see your dog is not a border collie - looks more like an English springer spaniel in this photo. Good looking dog (and garden)!

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